need good attention

8, psychology, forensic identification science knowledge is also essential. 9 observant. And scientific observation of meteorological conditions, as well as crime scene special case, because some of the evidence will disappear over time, changes. 10, xenia, through an inconspicuous physical evidence, see through the truth. 11, rely on a wealth of imagination, reasoning, to reproduce the various means of committing the crime. 12 focus 4 Do not presume to judge, the only evidence is the facts. 5, write investigation reports do not untrue. 6, do not do anything harmful to the move, to act rational rather than emotional. Become a Detective highly concentrated attention is absolutely indispensable, but not at any time frowned thinking on it, it will leak something important too nervous. "Deep thinking" and "trying to come up" is totally different. Material must only reasoning are complete in order to enter the job "deep thinking". To smooth this program the switch, need good attention. Strictly confidential, a secret tight-lipped principal. 2, not bribery, justice is more important than money. Even searched the ambulance - chasing, and do not take pity on bones. 7, judo and karate, Self Defense, one to master. 13 has a keen sense of observation All criminals attempt to conceal their crimes, will not leave evidence anyone can easily place, but the fact is usually impossible to completely hide out, observant and will be able to find some clues. The so-called detective, is nothing more than to find clues hidden in the crime scene or confession most people will miss. Therefore, the observation of the source of the reasoning.